Most people in Indiana would agree that they would like to get everything they are entitled to in a divorce. As long as people avoid some common mistakes it may be possible to come to a fair and equitable settlement through divorce mediation. Divorce can be difficult enough without having to revisit issues that could have been resolved in the original settlement.

There is little doubt that divorce is an emotional process. For most people, denying those emotions simply won’t work. Eventually, those emotions will find their way to the surface; and sometimes, that happens during settlement negotiations. This is often when people make mistakes or negotiations break down completely.

Having professional help to deal with the emotional, financial and legal aspects of the divorce may help keep those moments from detracting from the task at hand. That task is to deal with as many of the couple’s issues as possible to ensure that each party can leave the marriage satisfied that things were done fairly. When emotions enter into the negotiations, the possibility both parties being satisfied with the settlement can all but disappear.

For this reason, it may benefit even amicable couples to have professional help with their divorce settlement. People tend to make hasty decisions when they are letting their emotions make the decisions. Going through divorce mediation with Indiana professionals that are looking out for each party’s best interests can go a long way toward the couple ending up with a divorce settlement that both parties can live with long after the papers are signed.

Source: Huffington Post, “5 Common Divorce Mistakes,” Allison Pescosolido, April 8, 2013