Attorney Fees

Attorney Fees

Payment of attorney fees is always an important concern. Depending on your case, various options may apply.

Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

In situations involving personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death, my attorney fee structure involves a contingency fee. That is, my collection of fees is contingent on settlement or successful trial of your case, and I collect my fees after you prevail. In most cases, I will request that you pay for expenses as the case evolves, which may include postage, photocopies, exhibits, professional services of third parties (such as court reporters, process servers or private investigators), and expert witness testimony (such as accident reconstruction or medical testimony). While your case progresses, I will continuously assist you to evaluate your strategic options as they relate to cost effectiveness.

Social Security Disability

Attorney fees in social security disability cases are not paid unless you are awarded benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) developed specific regulations that control payment of attorney fees. Generally, when you are awarded benefits, the SSA will determine the date you became disabled. A lump sum based on past benefits due will be calculated, and attorney fees total 25% of this lump sum, minus administrative fees. I ask my clients to pay for certain expenses as allowed by statute, such as medical record retrieval. I work with my social security disability clients to assist them in minimizing expenses whenever possible.

Family Law

Like many family law attorneys, my fees are based on the amount of time that I spend on a particular case, and are charged hourly. While each client is responsible to pay his or her own fees up front, there are circumstances in family law that may allow you to receive an attorney fee award from the court. The opposing party may be ordered to pay your attorney fees if his or her income is higher than yours, or if the opposing party conducts his or her case in a way that unreasonably requires you to spend fees that you would otherwise not have to spend, such as when the opposing party willfully violates a court order. In divorce cases, attorney fees may be distributed between the parties along with other marital debts and obligations.

Attorney Consultation

I would be happy to evaluate your case if give me the opportunity. To schedule an appointment with me, Attorney Julie R. Glade, please call (219) 736-0456 or fill out the Contact Us form on this web site. From my law office in Merrillville, I serve clients throughout Lake County and Porter County in Northwest Indiana.