Brain injuries, unfortunately, are more common than we’d like to think about. However, when someone you know has suffered a brain injury, you want to make sure that the person who caused it is brought to justice. Whether it is an accident or not, the person may not know what they have done or the lives they have ruined because of this.

Traumatic brain injuries can be tough not only for the person who suffered from it but for those close to the person. They can put a lot of hardship on the person’s family when they were not taking care of them before, but now have to provide for them both physically and financially. 

Depending on the reason for the injury and the severity of it, the damages that have been done may mean the person is out of work for some time. They may be able to qualify for the substantial damages award to help them pay for their specific medical bills and other household bills. A personal injury attorney will help you with any questions you have in regards to this. 

It is important to know where you stand in a case such as this one and to find out if anything is possible when it comes to getting the help you need for repairing the damage or just replacing the income that you once received. This is when a lawyer would come in handy to provide the necessary information that you seek. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These injuries usually happen by force of some sort. They may be closed or open skull fractures, and they can do quite a lot of damage to the person. These damages are usually seen in personal injury cases where a person slips and falls, or an automobile accident caused by a reckless driver, some workplace injuries and even battery and assault cases where the person is beaten badly. 

These injuries can be anything from a concussion to a contusion, to penetration that happens through the skull and into the brain that causes damage. These injuries are often ones that require surgery to correct or put back in order, and the person may have had suffered injuries permanently in those areas. 

Acquired Brain Injury

These injuries are usually not caused by force or trauma from an external force. However, that is not to say that they are not caused by someone around them. For instance, when a person has a stroke, they may not get oxygen in time because of an error that was made by the medical staff. The same is true for other issues that were not addressed and the brain did not get what it was lacking within a specific amount of time. 

These injuries are usually due to being exposed to something that they should not have been inhaling, or lack of oxygen to the brain. They can be caused by outside factors, the negligence of others, or sometimes even the negligence of the actual person. This can also be caused by sports a lot of times. When the person has an injury such as this caused by sports, a waiver is generally signed, making the person, coach, organization, or anyone else not liable. This is important to think about. Before bringing someone to court, make sure to check to see if you have a paper such as this that was signed regarding the brain injury that was sustained. If you do, then charges cannot be brought against anyone relating to the specific injury.

The Liabilities for a Brain Injury

There are usually liabilities that come with a brain injury and depending on the specific injury or who was in charge of taking care of the person, they may be the ones that are brought to court for the damages that the plaintiff went through because of the negligence of others. 

However, the court has to determine what happened and make sure it actually was the person who is being brought to the court’s wrongdoing that caused the issue to happen in the first place. This is where a lot of the issues arise, as some people may blame others when there was no way to go around it, or when the best decision was the one that was made. 

This is usually thought about when a person brings up a case. They have to either show proof that it was caused by someone outside of their own fault, or that a medical professional states that it is caused by someone or something else. This proof is needed to provide the best possible outcome for the patient and the restitution that they seek.

A lot of the damages that have been done might not be obvious, and it is very important to speak with a medical professional, as well as a lawyer about the options that you have when you have suffered an injury. When it involves your brain, it is very important to seek out help, as this can be something that is going to provide you with the best possible outcome when something does happen, even later on, and you’re unable to do the work that needs to be done. 

The right lawyer can provide counsel on the best method to move forward with, as you want to make sure that you’re choosing to work with someone who is familiar with these types of injuries and cases. When they find out more, they can provide in-depth information on the next steps to take as a plaintiff in this case. You should get the payment for the specific injuries you’ve sustained, especially if you’re unable to work anymore. 

If you want further help with the brain injury case that you feel you have, give the Law Office of Julie R. Glade, RN, JD a call. Her associates and her are able to provide the necessary help and information that is needed to help with any medical case that may require legal help and advice. They have been providing this information for some time and are happy to help when you need it. Call the office today to learn more.

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