If someone you love and depend on is the victim of a wrongful death in the state of Indiana, then you have the option to hire a wrongful death lawyer and pursue a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death claim can be filed by the personal representative of the deceased’s estate. In the case of the decedent being a child then the lawsuit can be filed by the parent or guardian instead. It is not necessary to open an estate in cases where the deceased is a child.

The death of a beloved friend or family member can be devastating. If the death occurred suddenly and as a result of negligence or harmful actions, the loss can be even more tragic. This type of loss can lead to not only a massive emotional toll on the survivors, but a potentially damaging financial toll as well. For this reason, the Indiana legal system allows the survivors to seek financial compensation for their loss through a wrongful death claim.

Finding a Good Attorney

If you have decided to pursue a wrongful death claim in Indiana then the first step is to find a good wrongful death lawyer to help you through the process. An attorney will help you make sense of your case and determine the responsible party for your grievances. You’ll want to find someone that you’re comfortable with and that has plenty of experience handling cases such as yours.

When looking for a lawyer to represent you keep in mind that you can and should ask questions of the person you are looking to hire. Ask about their experience with wrongful death cases. The attorney should be open and honest with you about their experience and have examples of people they have helped with wrongful death claims. An experienced attorney with a good track record in wrongful death cases will be able to best represent you.

A good attorney will listen to you during your consultation. They will be open to answering your questions about the process and legal fees. They will be willing to discuss and explain the damages you should be seeking to recover.

In addition to your attorney answering your questions and detailing their experience with wrongful death cases, the attorney you’re considering should also have a good legal reputation. Of course, if you know of anyone that has been through a legal death claim in your area then personal references are great, but this is likely not the case.

Check online reviews for the attorney or law firm. Go to the Indiana Bar Association online and search for the attorney or attorneys you are considering. If any grievances have been filed against the attorney then you could find it here.

Hiring an attorney that is well equipped to represent your case in court can mean the difference in receiving fair compensation or not. Many thousands of dollars are at stake in a wrongful death claim. This suit should not be taken lightly and you deserve an attorney that will fight for your rights and fair compensation.