Dreading your first holidays with the children after a divorce. Remember, with some planning, and a lot of preparation, you can make these holidays memorable too.

First of all, decide whether you will have a separate holiday or single celebration with your ex-spouse. Needless to say, a single celebration together with your ex-spouse only works if you both are on good terms, and had an amicable divorce. If there is any hint of resentment or hostility left behind after the divorce, a joint celebration is likely to be a disaster.

If you do decide to have a joint celebration, remember to be responsible, avoid drinking too much, and avoid creating any kind of scene in front of the children.

Ask the children about the holiday plans that they have in mind. Chances are that your children have their own wishes for the celebrations, and allowing them to have a say makes them feel important. Remember, that your children have been through a tough time since your divorce, and letting them be in charge for a while, may help ease the transition to life after divorce.

Whatever plans you make, make sure that your ex is informed well ahead of time. Avoid last-minute misunderstandings and changes in schedule. If you have already made plans that are not reflected in your visitation schedule, make sure that your ex is aware of these, and discuss them with him or her in advance.

Remember, not to get too stressed out over the holidays-take care of yourself, eat well, exercise. An unhealthy you is hardly likely to be able to make the celebrations a success.

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