Having an adulterous affair is not the only way that your spouse can cheat on you. In many marriages, marital assets are swindled, squandered, or otherwise misused. If this has happened in your case, it is important to speak with a Merrillville family law attorney, and determine how you will be compensated for these losses.

For instance, if your spouse has used money from your joint bank account to fund an extramarital relationship, like the purchase of vacations, and gifts, then you may be able to claim a larger portion when it comes to division of assets during a divorce. Speak to a Merrillville family lawyer about this.

If your spouse squandered assets by gambling, transferring property to others, selling assets for a very low value, and engaged in other types of irresponsible financial behavior, the judge may also take all of these factors into consideration, and may award you a larger share of the assets in order to make up for the losses that you have suffered because of your spouse’s misbehavior.

The judge may also consider excessive spending or squandering of the marital funds on wasteful activities. If your personal possessions were lost or damaged because of your spouse’s misconduct, then you may also want to discuss this with a Merrillville family lawyer and learn whether you will be compensated for these losses during the divorce.