Prenuptial agreement is no longer a dirty word. You don’t have to be earning millions to get a prenuptial agreement, according to our family law attorneys. However, before you go ahead and ask your soon-to-be spouse for a prenuptial agreement, take essential steps to make sure that your agreement is watertight and protects your interests.

First, make a complete inventory of all of your assets. That includes real estate, life insurance policies, and other investments that you have. Make a listing of all your liabilities.

Now clearly define what exactly it is you want from your prenuptial agreement. There may be assets that you want to protect. You may want to protect your title to certain important properties, or may want your personal belongings, artifacts, antiques, family heirlooms to be kept separate from the marital property.

Once you have been able to establish what you want out of the prenup, be very clear and forthright about achieving these goals. It is very important to be honest and frank with your soon-to-be ex spouse. Being ambiguous or vague can lead to miscommunications and misunderstanding.

For help drafting a prenuptial agreement, speak to a Merrillville family law attorney. Remember, a court may throw out your prenuptial agreement, if it finds that it is invalid. If you want a legal mind to go through your prenuptial agreement to ensure that your rights are protected in the contract, get it analyzed by a Merrillville family lawyer.