Indiana courts may base decisions related to child custody on a number of factors, according to our family law lawyers. Those factors would include the age of the child, the physical and mental health condition of the parents, the relationship that the parents have with each other, the relationship that the child has with each parent and a number of other factors.

If the child is of a reasonable age, the court may also take into consideration the wishes of the child. For this however, the child must be a minimum of 14 years of age.

The court may not entirely base its decision on the wishes of the child. There are a number of other factors to consider, and the court may believe that what the child says does not provide sufficient evidence for the advisability of a decision. Therefore, a number of other factors also take into consideration, before the court delivers a decision.

Matters related to child custody are extremely sensitive, and must be handled with tact and care. These matters should preferably be handled by the parents in negotiations involving their Merrillville family lawyers. They should be taken to court only when parents have exhausted all possible attempts to find a solution to the dispute.

For help with any child custody-related matter, speak to a Merrillville family lawyer.