Child Abuse

Lake County Child Abuse Defense Attorney

Wrongful allegations of child abuse can have a devastating effect on your personal, social and professional lives. Julie Glade is a Merrillville criminal defense attorney, who is committed to providing an aggressive defense to persons who have been wrongfully charged with child abuse.

Child Abuse Defense

There is zero tolerance of abuse of children in this country, as it should be. However, very often, allegations of child abuse are made with no basis in reality at all. As a Lake County child abuse defense attorney often sees, these allegations are often made in family law disputes. Allegations of child physical and sexual abuse are often made in the middle of a contentious divorce or hostile child custody battle, in order to allow one parent to gain the upper hand in the court proceedings. Even after a child custody dispute has been settled, one parent may make these allegations in order to sue for modifications of custody arrangements.

Consequences of a Child Abuse Conviction

Unfortunately, when such allegations of child abuse are made, you may find that you are presumed guilty even when there is little evidence to prove these accusations. Often, children can be trained or taught to say things that incriminate one parent or another adult. There is a heavy stigma attached to such charges, and if you have been charged with such crimes, you may find that the damage is long-lasting, unless you move quickly to hire an attorney in time.

A conviction of child abuse can have serious consequences for your personal life. You could end up losing your home, your family and access to your children. There could also be serious repercussions on your professional life. As mentioned earlier, there is very low tolerance for child abuse in this country, and persons who have been accused of such crimes may find that they are not regarded as trustworthy, and may not be considered for jobs in which they are in proximity to children.

Child Abuse Defense in Indiana

Lake County Child Abuse Defense AttorneyAll is not lost if you have been arrested and charged with child physical or sexual abuse. The important thing to remember is to say nothing to police officers, who have arrived at your premises to search your property. Often, people panic and say the wrong things, jeopardizing their own case.

Instead, call a criminal defense attorney for help with the legal process as quickly as possible. An attorney may be able to tell you exactly what to say, and what to avoid doing in the hours before and after charges have been filed, in order to best protect your rights.

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