Client Reviews

Julie Glade’s unique background as a mediator, registered nurse, and licensed attorney sets her apart from other attorneys in the area. Her nursing experience gives her a competitive advantage when representing injured clients in personal injury, car accident, and wrongful death cases. Her background in mediation has prepared her for family law disputes involving divorce and child custody.  Learn more about working with Julie Glade–and the rest of our law firm–by reading these reviews:

<strong>Steve Racine</strong>

Steve Racine

Julie is amazing! She is brilliant, and professional, and knows the law inside and out. Her staff is extremely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend Julie and her staff to anyone in a heartbeat.

by Steve Racine
<strong>Shawn Nova</strong>

Shawn Nova

Julie and her entire staff are excellent. She helped me with my divorce and a few years later with a custody case for my boys. During my situation I had the opportunity to work with several attorneys, none were better than Julie. She is hardworking and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who is in a predicament.

by Shawn Nova
Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch

Ms. Glade was prompt and accurate in everything she did for me. I was involved in a prolonged divorce proceeding. As soon as I switched lawyers to Ms. Glade she quickly cut through the smoke and mirrors that opposing counsel was creating. She always kept appointments, either in her office or over the phone. I felt that it was easy to contact her, when necessary. Her office staff could not have been more helpful. If you are looking for someone who will handle your case quickly and completely, I would look no further than Julie Glade.

by Michael Lynch
Diane Norton

Diane Norton

Attorney Julie Glade works diligently to represent her client and to get results. She gives great legal advice and prepares her client for what to expect throughout the litigation process. Her office staff is friendly and always available to help. I would definitely hire Attorney Glade again to represent me if I should need future legal assistance!

by Diane Norton
<strong>Monica Gauthier</strong>

Monica Gauthier

5 Stars aren’t enough. If you have to go through a divorce, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone having the best attorney is most vital!!! I experienced hiring someone prior to Julie and it got me nowhere and was very expensive and a complete waste of money. Once I realized the prior attorney wasn’t working hard for me, I found Julie and she was on top of everything immediately!!! Her honesty and forthrightness really helped me understand the entire process and calmed my nerves to keep me focused. She sat me down and explained the entire process (which most attorneys don’t do) and gave likely outcomes depending on the path that I choose. She fought hard for my son and I. When you are going through a divorce you need as many people in your corner as possible. Her staff is as diligent as she is. She really has an amazing team in place! Not to go without mentioning, Julie got me everything I wanted in the divorce and what I asked for with custody!!! She was my rock and kept me focused when I started getting overwhelmed by all the stress of it. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work. Sincerely from the depths of my heart, thank you, Julie!!! Anyone going through a divorce especially with custody, Julie is the person to call!

by Monica Gauthier


If you want a highly competent divorce attorney who places a premium on common sense and no-nonsense resolutions to problems, I give Julie Glade my highest recommendation. As an attorney myself, I know which lawyers are working hard to help their clients. Julie is one who really wants to help. Moreover, when it comes to divorce litigation, she has great expertise and experience to navigate through the storm. Don’t let her charm and kindness fool you though, in court she’s as tough as they come!

by djangofest
<strong>Amanda Pollack</strong>

Amanda Pollack

Attorney Glade is a very helpful, acknowledgeable woman. I highly recommend her.

by Amanda Pollack