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The drivers of large trucks and other commercial vehicles hold a specific type of motorist’s certificate, called a commercial drivers license, or CDL. This allows them to legally drive a wide range of commercial vehicles as part of their employment. However, this employment may be jeopardized if a driver is charged with an OWI (drunk driving) or has other traffic violations that result in the suspension or otherwise loss of the CDL. Drivers may have their licenses suspended if they commit a serious traffic violation, including reckless driving, excessive speeding, or following another vehicle too closely.

If you are facing the loss of your CDL, and therefore your livelihood as a truck driver or operator of another commercial vehicle, do not take any chances. A skilled professional license defense lawyer can help people who are facing charges that could result in the loss of their CDL. I am attorney Julie R. Glade, a professional license defense attorney aggressively serving Merrillville, Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas. I understand the specific questions and concerns that drivers often have. My focus is on helping clients avoid the consequences and keep their licenses so they can continue to drive in order to support their families.

License Defense Experience

As a professional license defense lawyer, I have extensive experience handling the defense of all types of driver’s licenses, including commercial driver’s licenses. I understand the impact that the suspension of a CDL may have on a driver’s life and can take steps toward seeking alternative punishments, such as deferred prosecution.

Out-of-State Clients

Lake County Commercial Driver's License Defense Lawyer In some situations, a driver may receive an OWI or other traffic ticket while he or she was merely passing through Indiana. Individuals may believe that they must return to the state to appear in court to defend their CDL. However, this is not always the case. Having an Indiana lawyer on your side when you live out-of-state can aid in your understanding of your options on how to seek a resolution to the situation and if you have to return to the state or have your attorney appear on your behalf.

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