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Every marriage is different and deserves a unique approach to resolve problems. When a relationship ends in divorce, there is no one method that works for all divorcing parties. It takes a skilled Indiana family law attorney to help find the best approach for each couple, so that the process can move forward in a timely, cost-effective manner. Sometimes, it even takes a new approach to help resolve issues that prevent parties from reaching a resolution and moving on with life. At the Law Office of Julie R. Glade, RN, JD, my staff and I are here to offer you a variety of options to complete your divorce. I am committed to providing my clients with state-of-the-art methods, and therefore I became one of the first divorce and family law lawyers in Northwest Indiana to be trained in the Collaborative Law approach to family law conflicts.

The Collaborative Law approach recently emerged as a new form of alternative dispute resolution. With this approach, each party hires a Collaborative lawyer for the express purpose of pursing a settlement agreement without seeking court intervention. To initiate the process, each party commits in writing to the concept that each intends to avoid litigation. At the onset, each party understands that if discussions fail, the parties must hire new attorneys to pursue their case in court. This initial commitment emphasizes that resolution of the matter by agreement is in everyone’s interest. More importantly, neither party can use the threat of litigation as leverage over the other, since court intervention does not enter the equation.

If you are interested in a collaborative divorce, seek representation from one of the top family law attorneys, Julie Glade. Attorney Julie Glade will always look out for your best interests when settling family law matters.

Benefits of Collaborative Approach to Divorce

There are many benefits to the Collaborative Law method. This option greatly reduces conflict between the parties, which has special benefits when there are minor children involved. It encourages an open dialogue between the parties, and gives each party more control and participation in drafting the terms of the agreement. During these negotiations, parties can address the details of their unique situations–details that may never be allowed to surface in a court of law.

lake county divorce attorneyThis forum also allows experts, such as therapists, counselors, child specialists, teachers, physicians and accountants, to be tapped for information without employing them officially as expert witnesses. Utilizing these professionals helps to ensure that everyone’s needs and concerns are addressed when reaching solutions.

Collaborative Law may not appeal to some parties in high conflict circumstances, but Collaborate Law may be the preferred option for those who have not had success in court. Moreover, this approach can be of great value to families with limited means, since it avoids costly court time and appearances. The Collaborative Law approach integrates well with my experience as a Lake County divorce lawyer and as a mental health nurse-therapist; I utilize all of these experiences and training to negotiate with the Collaborative Law method to help you reach a fair divorce settlement.

Julie is a fantastic Attorney. She helped me with my divorce and was very kind and understanding. I have refered my family and friends to her and they also have had nothing but great things to say. She will fight for you, you can’t go wrong. – Teresa Ann

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