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Julie Glade is a Merrillville family attorney serving residents in the Merrillville, Gary, and Crown Point areas, as well as other cities in Lake and porter Counties.

Divorce and family law is a complicated and emotionally complex field of law. Matters of child custody, child support, and divorce can be emotionally exhausting to deal with. As a Merrillville family law and divorce lawyer for over 16 years, I have been providing strong, aggressive representation and personalized support that is targeted at helping clients handle these issues.

I find that one of the biggest mistakes people make is to attempt to handle their family problems on their own. Technically, you are not legally required to hire an attorney to handle your divorce, but it can be a catastrophic mistake to attempt to resolve your divorce on your own.

I can help you avoid the very common mistakes that people make during divorce and other family law proceedings. These are the types of mistakes that can have long-term consequences, affecting child support payments, child custody arrangements, as well as any alimony and spousal support owed to you.

Family Law – An Overview

The term “family law” is used to describe those laws that apply specifically to family relationships. Family law matters don’t necessarily have to involve only divorce, child custody and child support, or other matters that take precedence, when a marital relationship ends. Family law can also include issues of paternity, domestic violence, and other aspects governed by the law.

It’s safe to say that family law governs the making and breaking of relationships. You need a family lawyer to help with marriage and relationship planning, child custody matters, child support matters, divorce, spousal support, alimony, paternity issues and other matters. A family law lawyer can also help you with adoption matters.

Relationships are often hard to handle, and when one such relationship gets too much for you to handle on your own, it’s highly recommended that you bring in a highly skilled, family attorney who is well versed with the aspects of the law that governs your relationship with the person.

Prenuptial Agreements

As a family lawyer, I can also help you before you embark on the journey of marriage by helping you finalize a prenuptial agreement. It is highly recommended that you get a prenuptial agreement to work out all financial issues, and to define each partner’s rights, obligations and responsibilities in the event of the dissolution of the marriage.


The breakup of any marital relationship can be stressful and extremely traumatic for both parties concerned. Even if it is an amicable divorce, there is usually one partner in the marriage who is bound to end up feeling shortchanged.

Child Custody and Visitation

One of the more traumatic aspects that will have to be quickly settled and resolved during the divorce, involves child custody and visitation. Determining who gets primary custody of a child can be an emotionally volatile matter.

Family Law Information CenterChild custody arrangements in Indiana refer to both the physical custody as well as legal custody of the child. Custody arrangements must provide for parental rights of the non-custodial parent, as well as the legal rights and responsibilities linked to the child’s care and upbringing. In some cases, parents will agree to an arrangement that suits them best, while in other cases, parents may not be able to reach an agreement. In such cases, the courts must step in.

Child Support

Parents are obligated to financially support their children at least until the children become legal adults. Child support payments are calculated using a child support calculator, and the amount is binding on the person who is required to pay child support. Failure to pay child support can result in significant penalties.

In Indiana, family relationships are not left to the parties concerned to resolve on their own. There are specific areas of the law that may apply to your specific situation and a family lawyer, who has solid experience in this area of the law, can help you make informed choices that are best for you and your family.