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The process of dividing assets during a divorce can become quite complex when the couple has a high net worth. Since Indiana is an equitable distribution state, marital property and assets are divided equally and fairly during a divorce, but not necessarily 50-50. When high-value assets are at stake in a divorce, it is necessary that an experienced Merrillville divorce lawyer become enlisted at the outset of the case. Lawyers, doctors, CEOs and other individuals with large incomes, assets and property are putting themselves at risk if they do not take steps in order to protect their assets.

If you have concerns about your assets in a high-asset divorce, turn to me, attorney Julie R. Glade. I am a knowledgeable divorce lawyer serving clients throughout Northwest Indiana. I strive to aggressively protect my clients’ sophisticated assets and fight to see that they retain or get their fair share of trusts, real estate holdings, businesses, corporations, and other marital assets.

Real Estate

There may be multiple houses, vacation homes and real property at stake in a high net worth divorce. All pieces of real estate must be considered and properly evaluated. The current real estate market has had an effect on all market values, and an up-to-date assessment must be done.

Business Valuations

When a divorcing couple has interests in a closely held, family or other business, the business must be thoroughly evaluated in order to ensure that its value is properly divided between the spouses. In most cases, divorce lawyers will need to bring in a business valuation expert and possibly a forensic accountant to go through all of the business’s documents, accounts and associations in order to assess the value of the business.

Asset Discovery

High Net Worth Divorce AttorneyIn any divorce, all assets need to be accounted for. However, in some high net worth divorces, one spouse or both spouses may be accused of concealing financial assets in order to prevent them from being divided during the divorce. It is essential that all assets and property, even those in offshore accounts, are uncovered in order to have them properly evaluated in court. With proper evaluation, the assets and property can be divided according to the Indiana equitable distribution property laws. If you are concerned about your spouse hiding assets, seek representation from one of the top divorce attorneys, Julie Glade.

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If you have decided to end your relationship with your spouse, I would be happy to evaluate your case if you give me the opportunity. I have years of professional legal experience protecting clients in disputes involving division of assets, child support, spousal support, and paternity issues. Simply schedule an appointment by placing a call to my law firm at (219) 736-0456 or by filling out the contact form on this web site. From my law office in Merrillville, I serve clients throughout Lake County and Porter County in Northwest Indiana.