Paternity Actions

Lake County Paternity Lawyer

Paternity actions today and historically are initiated by mothers who need to obtain child support payments from the biological father of the child. However, many of the paternity cases I handle are initiated by fathers who want to support and enhance their relationships with their biological children.

I’m Julie R. Glade, a paternity actions and family law attorney in Merrillville, Indiana. Whenever unmarried parents have a child, a paternity action can be used to establish the biological father’s rights and obligations. Through a court-ordered parenting plan, fathers can obtain the legal right to see their child on a regular basis, so they can begin to develop a relationship with him or her. The court will also address child custody and child support issues.

The Paternity Action Process

After a party has filed a paternity action in Lake County or Porter County, the court typically holds an initial hearing to determine if both parents agree on the identity of the father. If paternity is disputed, the court will order a DNA test to resolve the issue. The cost of the DNA test may be split by both parties or may be paid by the person requesting the test.

Once paternity is established, the court typically enters a child support order. Child support payments may be retroactive to the child’s birth date. The father may also be ordered to pay for all or a portion of the child’s birth and/or medical expenses.

The court can also provide parenting time (visitation) rights for the father. If the mother is concerned about the father’s lifestyle or ability to care for a small child, the court may order supervised visitation or parenting classes to address these issues.

If you are currently dealing with a paternity matter, it’s in your best interests to seek representation from an attorney who has experience helping families through these challenging times.

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