Public Intoxication

Lake County Public Intoxication Lawyer

Communal inebriation or disorderly public behavior while intoxicated is a crime in Indiana, although many persons who are charged with these crimes are surprised when they are placed under arrest and taken to jail, even in the case of a misdemeanor. Julie Glade is an Indiana criminal defense attorney, offering strategic representation to clients who have been charged with these offenses. Whether dealing with intoxication, public disorderly conduct, a DUI, or another misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, Attorney Glade strives to help you secure a positive case resolution, which can include dismissal of charges, negotiations for minimized penalties or a “not guilty” verdict.

Public Intoxication in Lake County

Indiana is different from several other states, in that in this state, it is a criminal offense to be intoxicated in public. It is also unlawful to engage in any sort of disorderly behavior in public. In many other states, these offenses are considered as relatively minor infractions, and do not come with penalties attached. However, in Lake County and other areas of Indiana, you can be arrested and taken to jail if police officers have reason to believe that you engaged in disorderly conduct.

In the state of Indiana, it is considered illegal to be intoxicated in a public setting. Intoxication does not have to involve only alcohol consumption. If you are impaired under the influence of marijuana or another drug in a public place, you could still be charged with communal inebriation.

These charges are usually related to the kind of disturbance that people engage in when they are in an intoxicated state. If the disturbance is seen as the kind that endangers your life or someone else’s life or property, or is seen as a harassment or annoyance to other people, you can be charged with communal inebriation.

Public Intoxication Charges

Under Indiana law, these types of offenses are charged as misdemeanors, and in the event of a conviction, penalties can include fines of up to $1,000. You could also be sentenced to up to 180 days in jail, or face both sentences. Some individuals may be sentenced to probation. Even a conviction on a minor charge could leave you with a criminal record that could serve as an obstacle when trying to get a job, rent an apartment or even attend college!

In those cases where the person is so drunk that his behavior is out of control and he is causing damage to personal or public property, the police officer may immediately take the person to jail. However, in those cases, where the person is seen to be drunk, but his behavior is not out of control and he’s not causing damage to his or other’s property, he may be issued a citation which comes with a fine, but the person does not have to spend any jail time.

Earlier, Indiana law simply required people to be intoxicated or drunk in public to be charged with communal inebriation. However, in 2012, Indiana laws were modified, and the law now requires that for communal inebriation charges to be filed, the police officer must have more than just proof that the person was intoxicated in public.

Hire An Experienced Lake County Public Intoxication Lawyer

When most people think of getting arrested, they think of offenses such as DUI, drug possession, a fight that leads to an assault and battery charge, theft, fraud or another such offense. But public intoxication can also result in a criminal charge that can land you in the courts, facing serious penalties. An experienced public intoxication attorney can fight for your rights, offering the legal advice and representation you need to maximize your chances of seeing a positive resolution.

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