Record Expungement

Lake County Record Expungement Lawyer

After you are faced with criminal law charges, one of your biggest worries may be the effect a conviction will have on the rest of your life. An expungement of your criminal record can allow you to move forward with your life, putting your past effectively behind you. Julie Glade is a criminal defense attorney in Merrillville with years of experience helping persons who have been convicted of certain criminal offenses get their records sealed, so they can move forward with their lives again.

Being convicted of any crime can have long-term consequences. Even if you have served out your sentence, you may find that future employers, schools and institutions may hesitate to deal with you because of your criminal record. A record can continue to interfere with your personal and social lives. You may find it difficult to get a job, obtain a loan, or attend the university of your choice.

The process of legal expungement of your criminal record offers you a chance to seal your criminal record, making your convictions inaccessible to all, but a select few who will still have access. Legal expungement of records makes your record only invisible to law enforcement officials, and federal officials or to others as part of background screenings. Lake County employers, under a new law, are prohibited from using information about a potential job applicant’s sealed criminal record to discriminate against him. Lake County expungement attorney Julie R. Glade can help you file a petition with the courts to seal your criminal record, giving you your personal and professional life back.

Benefits of a Record Expungement

Expungement of your criminal record does not mean that the record is completely eliminated or dismissed from your history. Rather, it means that the record is sealed, and is inaccessible to members of the Merrillville public. Besides, when your record has been sealed, you can safely and legally claim that the crime never occurred. If the record has been expunged, you are no longer under any obligation to disclose the conviction on any kind of employment or job application, or an application to a college or university, or even a loan application.

The expungement is permanent, and could mean that your criminal records are sealed permanently, allowing you to move forward into an anxiety-free life, with a fresh slate. To discuss your criminal record and the expungement process, speak to Julie Glade as soon as possible.

Who Is Eligible for a Record Expungement in Lake County?

Lake County Record Expungement LawyerNot everybody is eligible for an expungement. Expungement of criminal records is possible in those situations where the person was arrested, but not convicted of the crime. It is also possible in a situation in which a person is convicted, but the conviction was later overturned by the court after an appeal. Persons convicted of some misdemeanors and felonies may be ineligible to have their record sealed. Persons, who have been convicted of violent crimes like sex crimes or crimes of official misconduct, may also not be eligible for an expungement in Lake County. To determine if you can expunge your misdemeanor or felony record, speak with expungement lawyers in Lake County like Julie Glade.

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