Slip and Falls

Lake County Slip and Fall Attorney

A Slip and Fall Attorney Serving Lake and Porter County for 15 Years

Individuals, property owners, and businesses that fail to maintain their property correctly run the risk that people will be injured. If that happens, the injured person has the right to seek compensation. In some circumstances, those who fall and are hurt on public property can also pursue a legal claim. I am Lake County personal injury attorney Julie R. Glade, and I handle all types of premises liability cases in Northwest Indiana. I represent people who have been injured in homes, offices, restaurants and other buildings in places like Gary, Valparaiso, Cedar Lake, Hebron and neighboring communities.

As a registered nurse and personal injury attorney, I empathize with those who have been injured in a slip and fall accident and pursue an in-depth understanding of what people go through as they recover from injuries. My role as a personal injury lawyer is to support people and assist them in obtaining the compensation they need to make ends meet after they get hurt.

What Can Cause A Slip-and-Fall To Happen?

As an experienced Lake County slip and fall attorney, I represent clients who have been injured in many different ways. Some examples of cases I can handle include:

  • Elevator and escalator injuries in retail stores and other businesses
  • Defective or poorly maintained stairways or hand railings
  • Cracked or uneven pavement and sidewalks
  • Unmarked work zones
  • Spilled liquids on floors
  • Defective lighting

Victims can suffer serious injuries after a fall, including brain or spinal cord injuries. If a slip and fall was caused by a property owner’s negligent behavior, you could be able to file a personal injury case and recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Preserve Evidence If You Can

Lake County Slip and Fall AttorneyOne very common occurrence in a slip-and-fall situation is that the property owner takes quick action to repair the dangerous condition right after the accident. That makes it important to preserve as much evidence as possible at the scene. If possible, ask a family member or a friend to take pictures of the property. A cellphone camera is sufficient for this task. If your fall occurred at a restaurant, mall or other business, make sure to contact the manager so a report of the incident can be made. These types of actions can add to the strength of your legal claim.

Contact a Lake County Slip and Fall Attorney for a Consultation

I have years of experience representing clients in cases involving slip and fall accidents, truck, motorcycle, and car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites and wrongful death. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with me to talk about legal options if you feel your slip-and-fall accident was caused by negligence. Please call my law firm at (219) 736-0456. You can also contact my Merrillville law office online. If you have been injured, there’s no time to waste–contact us today for legal help.