Uncontested Divorce

Lake County Lawyer Helping Clients Peacefully End Their Marriage

Many times, divorces are contentious, provoking feelings of animosity and vindictiveness. However, a marriage doesn’t have to end in an expensive and hurtful fight. Some couples can dissolve their marriage and settle relevant personal issues through an uncontested divorce.

My name is Julie R. Glade, and I am a divorce attorney in Merrillville, Indiana. My experience as a mental health nurse allows me to help you with the emotional and psychological aspects of ending a relationship in divorce. As a qualified family law attorney, I am familiar with divorce procedures, and how to explore the relevant issues and draft the appropriate paperwork to help parties end their marriage amicably. Contact a Lake County divorce lawyer today to schedule an appointment, and let me offer you my services to help with your uncontested divorce.

Compassionate Counsel for Parties Committed to Reaching a Conclusion

Divorcing couples will need to be civil towards one another as they figure out how to divide assets and split up parenting time during an uncontested divorce. Negotiating a divorce takes a good divorce lawyer who can help parties work together one last time to settle their differences and work out a settlement that suits everyone. In fact, under new rules in Lake County, the courts now require that you pursue settlement before pursuing remedies in court. I have provided services to parties with uncontested divorces in two capacities: as a mediator and as an attorney representing one of the parties.

Mediation Services: As a registered mediator, I can help serve as an independent third-party who will help mediate all of the parties’ existing issues. I hope to help parties reach an agreement that each party can live with and that provides both parties with a sense of closure. Mediators do not represent either party–if certain matters remain unresolved, each party would have to pursue resolution in court without the assistance of the mediator. Mediation between two unrepresented parties can be effective when the parties cannot afford to hire individual lawyers, and neither wants the other to feel awkward in the presence of an attorney.

Attorney Representation: If you believe your divorce will be uncontested but you feel you need representation, I can represent you during negotiation with your spouse or your spouse’s lawyer. While I certainly can and will advocate for your interests in a court of law, I value the benefits of negotiated settlements, and therefore can proceed in negotiation with a view toward avoiding litigation. If you hire me to represent you in an uncontested divorce, I can either finalize the settlement process with you or, if settlement fails, represent you in court if that becomes necessary.

Once couples are willing to enter into an agreement about all the items and issues that pertain to their divorce, they will also need someone who can prepare and file the appropriate paperwork. At my firm, we can draft and file all the necessary documents during uncontested divorce cases, including:

  • Appearances
  • Verified petition of dissolution of marriage
  • Verified waiver of final hearing
  • Settlement agreement and decree of dissolution of marriage
  • Child visitation schedules for the parenting of minor children
  • Child support worksheets

Hire An Experienced Lake County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

I would be happy to evaluate your case if you give me the opportunity. I have years of professional legal experience protecting clients in cases involving contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony) and property division.  Simply schedule an appointment by placing a call to my law firm at (219) 736-0456 or by filling out the contact form on this web site. From my law office in Merrillville, I serve clients throughout Lake County and Porter County in Northwest Indiana.